OPzV Batteries

Introduction OPzV Batteries

Tensite OPzS batteries are characterized for the absence of maintenance. The internal technology of these batteries, manufactured with a GEL monoblock format, simplifies the treatment that should be given to them, since it is not needed to check their electrolyte levels. Due to this particularity, the OPzV battery container is completely opaque, as opposed to the OPzS or TOPzS battery containers, in which we have the needed to look the interior.

Within this range of batteries you can choose between a large number of different amperages, to adapt it to your photovoltaic system. However, the voltage of the Tensite OPzV stationary batteries is always 2V, so you will need to combine at least six of them to form a complete functional bank, although they can also be purchased as a unit.

OPzV Handling

Although these stationary batteries do not require any maintenance, the proper way to handle them for proper operation must be taken into account. These batteries, unlike the stationary TOPzS and OPzS, do not emit gases, so they can be installed, if desired, inside the home. In addition, these are sealed batteries, which do not allow the acid inside to spill. For all this, the handling of OPzV batteries is quite comfortable.

OPzV Batteries Warranty

Tensite offers a 2-year warranty for OPzV stationary batteries. This warranty will be applicable in the event that the battery failure is due to a manufacturing defect, never due to improper handling, incompatibility or use by the customer, or that their requirements, limitations and care have not been taken into account . Tensite will be in charge of checking that the batteries have been treated correctly by the customer and check if their fault is due to an error in their manufacture.

Model Capacity (Ah) C10 Capacity (Ah) C120 Datasheet
6 OPzV 600 2V 820Ah C100 600 820
8 OPzV 800 2V 1110Ah C100 800 1110
10 OPzV 1000 2V 1380Ah C100 200 1000
Model Lenght (mm) Width (mm) Total Height (mm) Weight (mm)
6 OPzV 820 145 206 678 49.0
8 OPzV 1110 191 210 678 65.0
10 OPzV 1380 233 211 678 78.0