OPzS Batteries

Introduction OPzS Batteries

The range of Tensite OPzS batteries is characterized by its manufacture with high quality materials. This gives Tensite transparent stationary batteries great durability and quality in operation. In addition to the internal composition, the container made of acrylonitrile styrene or SAN is ideal for this type of batteries, being a high impact material that protects the internal contents of the vessel.

Each OPzS battery has a voltage of 2V. To form a complete functional bank, 6 units should be purchased, in the case of a 12V bank, 12 units for a 24V bank, or 24 units for a 48V bank. They can also be purchased as a unit.

Maintenance and Handling of OPzS Batteries

The handling of OPzS batteries must be done with special care, since they are very heavy stationary batteries and should never be positioned horizontally, since the contents could spill. Always take care to place the batteries in an upright position.

It is very important for the correct operation of the transparent stationary batteries to carry out a maintenance every month or three months, approximately, according to the use of the battery. It is a simple but fundamental maintenance: the electrolyte levels must be observed to check if they are between the minimum and the maximum indicated on the upper sticker. In case the level is below the minimum, the battery must be filled carefully with distilled water.

OPzS Batteries Warranty

Tensite brand offers a 2-year warranty is offered from the moment of purchase for OPzS stationary batteries. This guarantee would be valid during those two years provided that the use, handling and compatibility of the battery by the customer has been adequate and the failure comes from an error in its manufacture. The company will take the necessary steps to ensure that the battery failure comes from a manufacturing error.

Model Capacity (Ah) C10 Capacity (Ah) C120 Datasheet
6 OPzS 600 2V 820Ah C100 600 822
8 OPzS 800 2V 1110Ah C100 800 1096
10 OPzS 1000 2V 1380Ah C100 1000 1370
OPzS 2000 2V 2700Ah C100 2000 2740
OPzS 2200 2V 3038Ah C100 2200 3083
OPzS 2500 2V 3375Ah C100 2500 3425
Model Lenght (mm) Width (mm) Total Height (mm) Weight (mm)
6 OPzS 820 145 206 700 49.0
8 OPzS 1110 191 210 700 65.0
10 OPzS 1380 233 210 700 78.0
OPzS 2000 399 210 826 146.0
OPzS 2200 487 212 826 174.0
OPzS 2500  487 212 826 183.0